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Re: the cloud

That's amusing because the first thing callcentric did once they went back online was drop my phone number and 911 service for being 2 days late on my payment. Whoops, sorry I forgot to refill my account for a service that was rarely reliable in the past month. So essentially you dropped my number and cancelled my service after I had non-existent 911 service for the better part of a month and an unreliable and mostly unusable service for the good portion of the previous month. The more amusing part of it is that once I realized I was late and wanted to make a payment, your website was gone for 3 days. But the second you went back online you sent me an email saying you had dropped my service.

I do have an open ticket that hasn't been answered. But it's nice to see you guys active on these boards on a Saturday. Though, I wish you answered trouble tickets instead.

New York, NY
·Verizon FiOS

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Sir - I do respect your opinion and clearly understand your frustration.

Yes, we're active on all levels - in trouble-tickets and these boards because the quality of our support is one of our key selling points (on top of quality of our voice and service in general).

Unfortunately, due to matters much beyond our control, we're overloaded 10x compared to our normal levels of "overload" - we don't over-subscribe our tech. personnel while always accepting more engineers to our company. Just to compare - normally we have 1-2 pages of trouble-tickets' headers pending in queue - during last month until now - it averages at 20-24 pages. All our guys work almost without having private/family time last 4 weeks. We're trying to speed things up, but it may take about one week more to catch up. I'm not saying the above to get an excuse - just to show you the facts.

I'm sorry about _what_ happened to your account, but unfortunately there is nobody behind that "evil" thing... Simply our automated billing system, many years already, at 20th each month sends e-mail alerts to everybody that a billing period is about to begin at 27th and everybody should make sure that their account balance and/or credit card information is current and correct. At 27th each month's the system runs a first billing cycle trying to bill for all products and services while notifying customers whose accounts had not been charged, due to one or another reason - that they have until the end of the month to add missing information or funds to their accounts. The same cycle is attempted each day until last night of current month.

At first hour (GMT) of next month's first day - the system removes all canceled/unpaid products from customer records and issues monthly statements (or alerts about them) ready on customer's account.

Everything above is fully automated otherwise it would not be possible to provide the service at prices we do it.

Our WEB site as well as technical support guys have ready (as many like to say "canned") receipts of _what_ should be done to restore by an accident missed/lost service. No additional charges are applied in order to restore any products (there are automated setup charges which are [also always explained by our guys] refunded once the service/product were restored).

It's rather very simple process to restore your products (and I'm glad that you consider it - better angry than lost ) - may people on this forum may explain the procedure in details.

I'm apologizing again that, due to events above and beyond our control, the system was unavailable last two days for you (and many more other people, unfortunately!) to add funds/credit cards, etc.

Thank you very much.

P.S. I may bet that many people _here_ will confirm that our system was available and reliably providing service during most time when our customer's side SBC interface was under DDOS attack (b/w - that attack is still there - it resumed by end of Thursday and began fading again around noon time today - the behavior is as usual; but it [the attack] doesn't get anymore to levels of load posing threat to our established quality level due to many layers of mitigation procedures and algorithms established during last weeks are still being applied).

Many thanks to hardware and software vendors who quickly stud up to closely cooperate with us on fixing their firmwares (I'll write about this and other things later, in more details, when time permits).

Edit - fixed typos.