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San Jose, CA
reply to Iscream

still not an email nor a press release from CallCentric

said by Iscream:

And on another foot - the outage itself lasted TWO days due to the hurricane. All other days, due to DDOS attack - it was a major impact on Callcentric employees and systems, but NOT for customers who could/was_able_to modify their settings and keep using our service without any issue. Or, in case of severe limitations - at least, a customer might configure an unconditional call forwarding and keep enjoying PSTN-like quality of Callcentric services. To say the truth - a waste majority of our customers, until the hurricane, HAD NOT EVEN noticed that Callcentric experienced anything unusual.

Before the tropical cyclone, I have only noticed that it took slightly longer time to register with a SIP server. I use OnSIP throughout my phones, since CallCentric doesn't support multiple SIP registrations. I can understand that it's always difficult to fight a DDoS attack, and the DDoS never really affected my experience with CC. Infrequent outgoing international calls worked as usual; incoming calls were seemingly unaffected.

Moreover, I also haven't noticed that my CallCentric line was completely down, until maybe after 5 hours that it has been down. (This might have been different, however; I might have actually had some important conversation scheduled to occur; and would have had to coordinate an alternative accommodations at the last minute.)

I still have not received any emails about the downtime incident, the only recent emails from CallCentric in my mailbox are about my credit card being billed.

I think it's rather pointless to be opening trouble tickets and asking for 50 cent refunds here (I'm on Personal Unlimited). I'm hopeful that CallCentric will give out all due refunds automatically, instead of expecting to get away with their lack of Business Continuity Planning, as madjeff See Profile explained earlier (»Re: CC Disaster). If refunds are issued, they should be issued to everyone.

Would it help if I open a trouble ticket, asking for refunds to be issued to everyone whose services were unduly affected due to CallCentric's lack of BCP?