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San Jose, CA
reply to Josh2600

Re: www.2600hz.com -- any experience?

said by Josh2600:

We don't port canadian numbers yet, this will likely be available in Q1 '13, but if you have a large number of DIDs we may be able to accelerate. The stack is fully open-source, so you can run it yourself, but if you want access to hosted for Canadian DIDs, we're a bit early, although we might get lucky and add international DIDs in Q4.

Devices on hosted are $1 each without support, $5 each with. Minutes are $.0099 per min, or $29.99 per unlimited two-way trunk. TF inbound is $.02 and DID's are $1/month. E911 is not required, $1.99 per location per month (hint: multiple DIDs can be assigned to one location).

Wow, that's a fast response! :-)

What's "devices on hosted" means? A SIP registration account? What do you mean "without support" / "with"?

P.S. How dare you divide US and Canada from NA and NANP! :p   True VoIP telecoms don't do that! :p


San Francisco, CA
So our stack is full opensource, you can run it on your own hardware in a few clicks (direct from git repos or chef-solo from our GUI). The alternative is to use our cluster.

Devices on hosted are devices on our cluster; and yes it means a SIP registration.

Some people want an experience with forum/email only support, some people want to be able to reach a person. We're growing, but all of our support staff are engineers, so we don't have people to explain how to punch SIP credentials into a YeaLink (but it means we do have people who read SIP packets for a living).

We didn't mean to do it, we just wanted a canadian partner or a canadian office before launching service up there.

We'll open up to our Northern Brethren as soon as we can, sorry for the inconvenience!!


Community Manager for »www.2600hz.com