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New London, OH

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Ported land-line and lost DSL - Terrible Customer Service

I currently have Frontier DSL Ultra with advertised speeds of 12/2. I get close to those speeds pretty consistently and have been VERY, VERY happy with Frontier. Their DSL network is good but man could their customer service and tech support use a tune up!!!

I work from home and my company has a VOIP-based PBX so I was required to port my old Frontier phone number to my company's VOIP provider. I called Frontier and explained what I was doing and they issued me a new number for my DSL server and said the switch would take place in a few days and would be seamless.

Fast-forward to yesterday afternoon. Around 2:00 PM our Internet went out. A few hours later I called Frontier DSL tech support and after a modem reboot they told me they'd send a tech out sometime Saturday. Before I hung up I asked the lady if this loss of Internet could be in any way related to the recent land-line port request. She said that it wasn't but it was instead something on my end.

Saturday morning a very nice Frontier tech shows up does some trouble-shooting and says he's not quite sure what the problem is. I explained the porting request to him and he says "well, that's for sure the problem". He runs down the road does his magic at the DSLAM and I am back up and running. However, my speeds are very, very slow. The tech tells me to call Frontier and explain to them that the tech got me up and running but that Frontier would need to change my new DSL number to be provisioned for bonded DSL so I get my max speeds back.

I called tech support and relayed what the tech told me. The guy on the phone proceeds to tell me that I am currently provisioned for 7.1 DSL and that is the max that is available for me so there is nothing he can do. I told him that not less than 24 hours ago I had the 12 mb service so I wanted that back. He tells me that I did not have the 12 mb service since it's not even available to me. I offered to send him a month and a half worth of speedtest.net results if he'd like to see proof. He says there is no need since it's impossible for me to have anything faster than 7.1.

Next I ask him if I paid $49.99 for DSL install in July and got 7.1 service why did I again pay 49.99 in September, have a tech come out to my house and replace my modem and have my DSL bill go up by $10.00 a month? Clearly I use to have 7.1 service and in September was upgraded to the 12 mb service. He says that's not possible and, get this, offers to help me get my second $49.99 installation fee refunded since that install was pointless since 'there is nothing faster than 7.1 available'. Needless to say I asked to speak to a supervisor.

She basically tells me the exact same thing as the first guy did so I ask her about the mysterious upgrade that I paid for and that happened in September. This was her response "Sir, I can't see your bills so I don't know if there was even and upgrade that happened in September". I told her you don't need to see my bills I am not lying to you I am telling you I had 12 mb service and I had it all the way until you guys ported my land-line number and dropped the ball with my DSL service.

She put me on hold and got in touch with customer service. After a few minutes she came back and told me that the customer service guy did in fact verify that I had the 12 mb service (imagine that, I did have the service that I told them I had and that they said was not possible) and that when my DSL was switched to the new number they provisioned it for the wrong speed - just like I had been telling them was the problem from the beginning of this 45 minute waste of time.

So now it's off to the customer service guy; who by the way was AWSOME and very helpful. Only problem is he tells me that he has to run this through as a new install and the next available date is Thursday. I told him that just simply wasn't acceptable. Nothing needs installed, I have the correct modem, the wiring at the DSLAM is all set Frontier just needs to fix their provisioning. I insisted he call the tech who was at my house an hour ago and get this worked out. I gave him the guy's name and cell phone number. The customer service guy got back on the phone after a few minutes and told me I was correct and the only thing that needed changed was on Frontier's end. He would rush it through and it would be done by Monday. He also gave me a $20 credit for my trouble.

It amazes me that the DSL tech support people don't even know what service is offered in the field. I dread the day I call up with speed problems:
Me: "my speeds have been slow for the last few days I am only getting 6 mb down instead of closer to 12."
Tech Support: "Sir the max speed you can get is 7.1 so if you are getting 6 you are very close to the max"
Me: "No that's not the case I have been getting close to 12 for months now but something changed in the last few days and now I am only getting half of that"
Tech Support: "I am sorry but that is impossible as the fastest speed the equipment will support is 7.1 so you are incorrect that you were getting close to 12"
Me: KA-BLAM, SPALT (That's my head exploding out of frustration. At least I got good life insurance for the wife and kids).

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Burlington, WV
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Sorry you received such terrible support, but this is what I and others have been complaining about for several months now. Hopefully every thing gets straightened out for you and you get the 12/2 back. In my neck for the woods I would just be happy to get 3/250 service back.

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San Jose, CA
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reply to dneiding
Most ILEC plant databases reflect the capability based on the state of the plant before DSL was deployed. So service reps only know what the outdated database presents them. If there is an error, and there frequently is (based on my observations in another ILEC forum: AT&T), it will damned near take an Act of Congress to correct it.
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New London, OH
The funny thing is Customer Service knows what is available, their Web site knows what is available but Internet Technical Support doesn't.


Clyde, OH
Call back explain the situation to a seconde rep then ask to talk to a superviser there the only one that can do anything. No reg rep can do anyhting only supervisers can !