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Wheatland, CA
reply to jeffmoss26

Re: Splitting Coax (F-Type RG6) 16-Way Preferably Rack-Mounted?

said by jeffmoss26:

The guy we use for all of our cabling at work does an amazing job. Coupled with our use of custom 6 and 8" patch cords and switches mounted right under the patch panels, the stuff looks really good. I will try and get some pictures.

I was considering custom patches, but wasn't willing to shell out the time or money for them.

Went with 6" patches for the telephone distribution. Sized 12" patches for the keystone-to-switch legs. 8" probably would have been sufficient, but 6" was just too tight with a 24-port setup. 6" on a 16 port setup probably would have been fine.

Here's the result after 20 minutes of tearing open individually wrapped cables (ugh!) and 10 minutes of patching. Still have to tuck the router, modem, etc into the shelf. Been feeling lazy today... still in my pajamas :\


Pearland, TX
said by Thadius856:

are the short gray runs phone lines?

yellow, green, blue, black and white cables are ethernet right?

what about that blue and purple on upper left?