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Providence, KY

[Availability] Change in DSL availabiltiy

Hello I live in Western Kentucky. I called AT&T yesterday to see about upgrading to 1.5 mbps DSL and was told that 768 was the only speed available. I know for a fact a few months ago that 1.5 mbps was available at my address because I checked online. The lady at AT&T could not answer why the availability changed but kept saying how AT&T was phasing out dsl and that I was probably not going to be able to get any faster speeds. I'm wondering if it is possible that something got changed in the computer system to make me not eligible for 1.5 anymore. I'm pretty sure my next door neighbor has it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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The lady at AT&T probably did answer your question.

However, if AT&T is your only option for Internet service, hopefully they are in the process of converting your area into an IP DSLAM fed U-verse branded service (its still DSL, but AT&T doesn't want to publicly advertise it as DSL). It is not unusual at all for AT&T to stop providing new DSL service (or limiting its usefulness by only offering the lowest speed tier) when upgrades are being planned (and sometimes doing that even when upgrades are not being planned).
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Thanks for the reply. I just checked and now all of a sudden I'm eligible for uverse.