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Boothbay, ME
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reply to swintec

More 50MPH wind!

Ok now on to the Nor'easter threat for Wednesday night/Thursday. There is quite a bit of buzz surrounding this storm already due to it's timing in relation to Sandy. I get that. But let's just talk about THIS storm for what IT is.

1) I don't see a widespread snow event. You need the perfect setup to get snow all the way to coastline this early in the season. We had it last year for "Snowtober" but we don't appear to have it with this developing Nor'easter. The storm is too far west, it brings too much warm air with it, and the cold air supplied by the ridge of high pressure to our north is not frigid enough. Oh, and by the way, good luck getting snow to the coastline with a screaming east wind off the 54 F water. "I'll take 'Not gonna happen' for 500 Alex"

2) That being said, the mountains will probably get a few inches out of this at least. There is a process known as "evaporative cooling" in which an airmass cools down in the process of evaporating precipitation. (The basic idea is that it takes energy to evaporate a liquid, so that energy is removed from the idea, making it colder). This process will be hard at work at the beginning of this storm, so that should tip the scales in the mountains towards snow until the warmer mid level air arrives and changes even those areas over to rain

3) The real concern with this storm is the wind. Once again we are looking at a very strong pressure gradient between a deep low pressure system and a high to the north. Although this gradient is nothing like what we saw during Sandy, it should be good enough for wind gusts along the coastline to reach the 50 + MPH range. That's the LAST thing most of the eastern seaboard needs...another coastal battering. Truth is though, this is the part of the storm I feel is most likely to play out as depicted on the computer models.

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I've been following this as well. And it's true. About the last thing some people need on the Northeast coast need right now is 50+ MPH wind gusts if this thing comes together as predicted. I had only minor damage with Sandy, comparatively speaking, and a fairly short duration power outage. (Around 4 hours or so as I recall), but heck, I'm way up in NH.
I really feel so bad for some people who have already lost everything, and the many who are still without power from Sandy. When it rains, it pours...so to speak.
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Yarmouth Port, MA
reply to Dominokat
This will just prompt my Annual Leaf Rant.

Piles of the damn things.

Piles, I say!