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[iO] Showtime: Very strange occurence

There is something very odd happening on the Showtime Channels on Brookhaven system:

Showtime (84), Showtime Showcase (321), Showtime Exteme (322), Showtime Beyond (323), SHowtime Next (324), Showtime Women (326) are all airing the same movie but the channel logos/graphics at the bottom right are accurate and the guide says different movies should be on. For whatever reason, the main "feed" of Showtime is being broadcast on all these channels but why are the logos correct, ex: Channel 823 says Showtime Extreme but it airing the movie on Showtime's main channel. Is Showtime feeding Cablevision the wrong movies? Is anyone else experiencing this ??


Tenafly, NJ

The bugs on the lower right corner are all different on each channel.. so the channels are not the exact same.. for whatever reason they have the same movie on them all...

Probably having technical problems.


reply to ilsno

I am experiencing the same problem near Cincinnati Ohio. all Showtime channels are playing the same movie, just as you stated. I am sorry I don't have an answer but I wanted to let you know it was happening to someone else.


reply to Jmartz

There is a crawl appearing every 20 minutes on the bottom stating "Due to the effetcs of Hurricane Sandy, we are temporarily transmitting Showtime on this channel instead of ______ (Showcase,Showtime Women, Showtime Beyond,Next,Extreme). I am not sure if this technical probem is specific to the Brookhaven system or all of Long Island is experiencing this. Since the bugs are accurate, maybe the problem is coming from whoever feeds Showtime to Cablevision. I always assumed they pulled it off a Satellite.



Well, it is still happening here in Cincinnati tonight....but we have no scroll at the bottom. I assume it is a Showtime problem and they will probably fix it as soon as they can.


reply to ilsno

I'm in Chicago on DirecTV and 6 Showtime channels are showing the exact same programming and two other are exactly the same but on West Coast feed. It's also happening with 2 of 3 The Movie Channel stations.