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Re: Portable generators and decks

I have my genny in a Rubbermaid storage box on my deck. I have the box bolted into the deck. One of bolts is an eyebolt, and I chain the genny to that inside the box.

When closed up, it looks just like a deckbox people use to store their outdoor furniture. When in use, I open the top and doors, connect the gencord to the twistlock inlet, and fire it up.

The deck is rather large, so the whole thing is about 25' from the kitchen door.

I have a soundproofed generator. It's rated at 58db at 21 ft. so I don't have much issue with noise. There is some vibration on the deck, but certainly nowhere near enough to shake it to pieces. It won't even shake my drink on the patio table.

I can hear the genny faintly inside the house. I actually like it that way. Since engine RPM is proportional to load, I can tell by ear if I'm close to overloading the genny as I switch loads.

I'm planning to have the deck rebuilt (it's more than 20 yrs old). When I do that, I'm replacing the storage box with a built-in enclosure for the genny. It will look like it's for storage, but there will be lovures so I can run the genny in the rain.