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Houston, TX
reply to GTFan

Re: [DTA] Formerly free DTAs are now $1.99/mo. each in the ATL

said by GTFan:

said by beachintech:

They were given out with the stipulation they were only free for one to two years. Most people don't read what they are signing or agreeing to.

No, they weren't. At no point did they say they were going to charge for these, they simply said you were entitled to 2 free DTAs per account. Remember that they were given out because expanded basic was encrypted and that hasn't changed. And now they're going to encrypt basic too.
I don't care, personally, other than the sad inconvenience of wasting a decent chunk of my day at the local Comcast gulag returning them.

I'm not a betting man but I would wager that the poor and elderly on fixed incomes (with old SD CRTs) are the largest pop using these, and now they just got a $4/month increase for no real reason.

The DTAs were given out because the analog channels were removed and only digital versions of the channels remained not because of encryption. The DTA converted the digital channel to analog. You are correct it started with Expanded Basic and then moved to Basic. The analog channels were removed to gain more bandwidth.
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