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Jackson Heights, NY

Gave up on signature home wireless router. Aris TG852

I have signature home in NYC and the cable modem/phone adapter Aris TG852. I found that the wired network and wireless networks were segmented. Also some other odd network issues especially with Apple protocols like Airplay and Itunes... between wired and wireless equipment.

I think this is called network segmentation but I could not find a setting for it in the routers html settings page.

So I disabled the wireless, enabled bridge mode and attached a new netgear N900 to it. Joy... everybody see's everybody in house. If I want segmentation I can have it. Its a clear as bell setting on the routers setup pages.

Just a heads up to folks to use this model and have issues with their wired and wireless devices seeing each other.

the netgear speed tests full 50meg down wired and on a 5gig channel, and about 41 meg on the 2.4 channel with this puppy. It keeps up very well.

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