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Re: Disconnect DVD

Thank you.
Tried that (while everything was turned off). They I clicked on the System/On/Off and the Cbl came on and the TV came on. The DVD did not come on. Hopefully, that "did the trick." Hoping, hoping and hoping this solves the problem.
Thank you again for your kind and patient help. I hope the DVD is now no longer in the System (button) and will not be activated when I press the System button in the future and that I will not have to bother you again. If DVD does, for some reason, I'll post an add-on to this thread, but as I said, I hope I do not have to bother you again.
Thanks again.


united state

BTW, if I wanted to use the DVD (blue ray) in the future, should I only use the DVD remote (which will swithc TV to HDMI2)? Or could i use the TW remotte and click on the DVD and then Power? Or would that put the DVD back on the TW remote? I think I should stay away from using the DVD with the TW remote!
Referring to above posts...
(Sorry for the different sign-in names. My mother asked me the question which I couldn't answer and so I posted message on this board but was absent-mindedly using her sign-in on some of the posts in this thread. Sorry for the confusion! Glad you understood anyway.)