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Pearland, TX
reply to germ65

Re: Crappy AT&T install

uuhhmm....I hate to say this to you OP but with that enclosure, I would seriously consider cleaning / re-wire everything up and even maybe bring in the connections inside the house.

I understand you feel disappointed with how they ran the wire and how they forgot the screw, but with that kind of wiring, I think you're over reacting to the whole situation.

I would leave the U-verse NID and the main cable connection outside, then bring in the rest, specially that amp. I used dielectric grease on my cable connections outside to prevent moisture from coming into the connectors.

Believe me, there are much worse installs than yours....

my .02 cents..


reply to DataRiker
said by DataRiker:

said by germ65:

It's funny how the installers' guild members protect each other in the face of evidence. Reminds me of cops.

Only you're arguing against a corporate policy that techs have zero control over.

Calling a tech an idiot for doing his job the way his employer demands is rather silly.

You are right that this may be dictated by company policy. It doesn't make me feel any better.