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Anyone else offered $10 iTunes cert for FiOS sales pitch?

Hi all,

I got a letter from Verizon offering me a $10 iTunes e-certificate if I call Verizon to "learn about the new, faster Verizon FiOS Internet speeds."

Did anyone else get this, and did you call them? If yes, did they force you to change plans? I don't know if they can do that, and nothing in the letter indicates I have to change plans to get the iTunes certificate.

I am on the 30/5 plan for $55 a month, which was the plan I signed up for when FiOS first came to my area several years ago. I don't want to change plans as a *slower* plan would cost me *more* than what I pay now. I do not subscribe to their phone or TV service.

If I call and listen to their sales pitch for the $10 iTunes certificate, can they force me to leave my current plan?

There is a long personal code listed at the bottom of the letter, so I don't think the certificate is something you can get without a code.

TIA for any feedback/opinions.


Pomona, CA
Should be legit, and most likely they cant change anything you dont agree to. I saw on slick deals similar post, cant remember if it was itunes or amazon gc. Try a search over there. Its basically marketing survey


Thanks much for the info. I'll search SD. Cheers!


So I got brave and called Verizon, hoping that my account wouldn't be automatically transferred to something slower at a higher price just for calling them. lol

The person I talked to was incredibly nice and honest and said it wasn't worth it for me to transfer to another Internet plan if all I wanted was Internet service since I had a good price on my current plan. She mentioned a cable bundle but didn't push the matter.

I should have the iTunes code in a few days. Woot!