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Re: Windows 8 anti virus Norton 2013 or something else?

said by Nimbus:

said by Blogger:

But as discussed in several threads for their current 2013 version they have a problem with a serious aspect of their AV protection. The problem is serious enough that Norton wouldn't test their product with AV Comparatives arguably the premier or most respected AV vendor product tester.

The issue is not a problem with Norton's protection. Norton continues to score highly in real-world tests. The issue is that Symantec contends that the methodology used in one specific AV-Comparatives test does not provide a fair evaluation of what the product actually does, and so gives a misleading result. Because Symantec opted out of that test, they were prevented from participating in any of the other tests. As more products adopt newer strategies to prevent infections, there seems to be a growing recognition among some vendors that standard narrowly-focused detection tests are becoming less reliable indicators of how well a product will actually protect a system.

»nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2012/10 ··· do-them/

My understanding of the situation, (I know there have been some recent documented linked posts in other threads currently running and a some months ago on this subject and they all say the same thing), so for now I choose to go with that view that is somewhat different than your POV and the linked content you provided: Thanks for providing that.

First off we all agree that it is one particular test. But:

1. Norton never objected to that test before this version.
2. All of the other heavy hitters do not object to that test, ergo Kaspersky, MacAfee and on and one.
3. NIS 2009-20012 definitely has been a top of the line product.

AV Comparatives puts forth a strong argument of the value and worth or importance of the test in question stating the test has high reliability and validity.

So IMO the circumstantial evidence strongly supports Norton 2013 is at least suspect. For now. I'm open to change my mind pending new persuasive evidence.

I will speculate that Norton will freely submit next year to that test and of their entire NIS along with some spin making them sound good but regardless will end up submitting and passing the test or getting a "competitive score" with the other agreed upon many fine NIS or AV products.

Either way I think we can agree we haven't heard the last of the issue or that things will stay static.