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Edgewood, TX
reply to monicakm

Re: Gen 4/Two Weeks and...

I'm on PowerMax for the 20GB..

With satellite, your distance to Dallas doesn't matter. It's the gateway that talks to the closest internet hub and then it's routed back over the satellite to your modem. Our gateway is in Montana. Seattle is closer to Montana than Dallas. It's not so much the distance, but the `hops' it has to make to get to Seattle, which is 1 or 2.

If you got such great signal, and you're getting such low speeds, it's either your router or PC.


Grand Saline, TX
Those tests were taken during the brief storm. Testing again...8.95Mbps down, 8.41, 8.09, 9.35, 9.51. I'm on the Power Plan. Funny thing tho during the storm, once the modem came back up, with these pitiful download speeds my browsing was fast. Signal strength is 155


Edgewood, TX
Next time you observe slowdown. Look at your modem page, and copy and paste the Diagnostic Code you see.

I noticed some slowdown tonight and I was getting a code that referenced to uplink errors.

I wonder if you are seeing the same code when you get slowdown??