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[Tampa] Clearwater. . . BLANK HD SCREENS!

VERY FRUSTRATING! No help from BHN tech other than "let's reboot your box". . . time after time.

Done that. Had a tech out. Both tech and phone support say there is "weak reception." Tech installed a new cable line between cable junction and house box. Said they would come buy and bury the cable. . . that was two months ago. . . cable is still laying in yard.

Have made several calls to tech support. All times they really don't care at all. Last call I asked if they were satisfied that my problem was not fixed and that I was not a happy customer. They actually said "yes."

Getting a lot of pressure from wife to dump BHN. The blank screens are incredibly frustrating. That added to the constant random reboots right while we are trying to watch TV. . . we are definitely NOT getting the service we are paying for. . . or, maybe we are?

This forum is the last chance for BHN. The 888 number is useless. . . by now, I know how to unplug a box. . . and plug it back in. BNHtechXpert. . . been reading some of your stuff. If you have some kind of magic fix. . . now is the time.

If I didn't say. . . it's BLANK screens. Seems to be random channels. . .( usually always a channel that we want to watch.) Sometimes, the music channels as well. Just blank. . . no screen, no sound.

We are running WHDVR. The blank screens appear on all the boxes. Been happening for a long time now. At first, I thought, Ok, whatever. But it's just been getting worse. Last week, every channel that I wanted to watch one evening was blank. And no, rebooting the boxes does NOT solve the problem.

Again, WHDVR with a Samsung HD-HDMI model SMT-H3272. Any help is appreciated. . . and this is my last shot at fixing our broken BH service.


BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
Gary lets get this fixed once and for all.... open a direct forums thread and be sure to include your IP address and I will get this going for you.