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Kansas City, MO
reply to boondockEVDO

Re: EVDO Only Mode via Watcher -- Pilot # changes in the evening

said by boondockEVDO:

...my next door neighbor has a light on his barn that is about 30+ meters away but it doesn't illuminate my area much and the antenna's direction isn't intercepted by it.

It's not the light it's something about electrical interference thrown off by halogen systems.

I will try adjusting horizontally tomorrow. Any predictions on why it would switch panels suddenly and with such predictability?

i've been told some panels are re-aimed automatically for coverage filling, not sure if that is even happening in your area, or you could be hitting an edge where 2 sides meet... i have no idea however it might have nothing to do with this. don't blame me if the re-aim goes badly

Any idea if this may be a tower issue? I am not sure when/if I should contact millenicom support involving this issue.

just keep good data of the times etc should help them with the report



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Thanks again for your help dib.

I called support and they informed me they weren't sure why it was doing this but as long as my speed is above 0.4 Mbps that there wasn't anything they can do.

Now I am seeing my PN change to 171, 369 and 165 -- no longer on 60.

Will attempt some re-aiming to see if that will fix it, that seems to be the best option at the moment.

So many PN isn't making sense if each sector is supposed to only have one PN? Here is a picture of my debug to make sure I am talking about the right thing


I am talking about the PN listed in "EV-DO Information" field. Is that the proper one to refer to?

When I have Wireless Watcher set to EVDO Only mode it blanks out the "Current Service Pilot" screen, I disabled it for this picture -- I believe it always remains on 369 here (I have also seen the EV-DO PN set to 369 as well though.