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K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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reply to Alcohol

Re: cable outage on 11/2

said by Alcohol:

Doesn't really help people who need Internet for home businesses. Why does it take 10 days for the isp to restore Internet when power company can fix the entire substation and cell phone company can put up new towers in less time. Is the problem more complicated or is comcast not prepared/capable?

Basically yes, as they can't really start their other than broken line repairs until the power is restored. They may have few hour battery back up in some areas, but many not, and all dead anyways. Yes can fix downed wires but can't really begin to assess electronic infrastructure damages, until power restoration.

And while you may have power restored but some wheres upstream on the cable system still doesn't you are still SOL, as unlike DSL every user line going directly to a CO hub, cable is a very serial daisy chained network.

And one reason I still stick with slower but immensely more reliable DSL in a prime hurricane area.

DSL is directly tied to highly regulated must always work POTS service. Rarely fails at all if you don't loose your drop from the curb or a major trunk comes down. But even seen them and poles lying on the ground but not broken and still working they are massive durable cables...cable isn't easily snapped.

Cable can go out in a stiff breeze (AKA minor tropical storm) even seen it happen on bright sunny days, with an upstream local power outage (some idiot rant into a power pole). Again no mandated quality of service at all. And when something like that happens high voltage shorted power fails and cable does but not the heavy duty self powered phone lines.

DSL itself doesn't either but because it rides on the POTS lines that do... tends to be much more reliable and self powered, if you are close enough to be directly connected to a CO.
When you get into RT territory of DSL, then you also become dependent on short battery back up and local power, but still other wise directly connected from RT to the CO core, not the serial daisy chain nature of cable everything step to step up or downstream still has to work too..