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Columbus, OH
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reply to sparkydm

Re: WOW Pricing & Ultra TV

said by sparkydm:

I've been with WOW a long time. I love the Ultra concept but, not the pricing. I keep looking and first chance I find something to replace their equipment, I'm gone. I'd settle for 4 tuners to get away from their rental fees. My bill is almost $200 with no extra movie channels and I still don't get Fox Soccer! I have this constant feeling that I'm being ripped off by WOW. They had Fox Soccer when I signed up and then they dropped it. Their customer support is great! But, the cost benefit ratio has dropped dramatically since I've been with them. I'm getting the feeling they don't care about me anymore so, I'm thinking of returning the favor.

Your bill is $200, but what services are you buying from them?

Mine is considerably less, but I don't buy phone from them (for example). I use a third party VoIP service, and my total bill is around ten bucks/month for phone.

And I'm perfectly happy with 15 megabit internet service. Truth be told I'd be happy with 8 megabit at this point, but I have the 15/2 so whatever. None of the 30 or 50 megabit service silliness here.

Anyway, the three TVs in my house would cost me $40/month in UltraTV hardware if I didn't have Windows Media Center and a Ceton tuner card in place. The tradeoff is, I bought my own hardware--the tuner card, a Windows box, and a couple of XBoxen plus some network infrastructure--up front. That takes my WOW TV bill down to nothing more than the cost of programming itself plus a single cableCARD.

How long have you been with WOW, and what was your bill when you first signed up?