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Looking at the bigger picture
reply to xirian

Re: Maybe I am missing something...

It would be interesting if the cable equipment was covered by insurance the cable companies have against major disasters and they billed both their insurance and the customer's insurance. I would guess for an individual incident (like a customer's house fire) they would recover the equipment charge from the customer's insurance but for something like this? I am not sure what cable company is in Louisiana but were the customers billed for their cable equipment after Katrina? You also have to consider FEMA... what are they going to give Cablevision in 'assistance'?

Sorry, I just don't see this as an altruistic offering on Cablevision's part... more of PR move.

Hmmm, just found this in FierceCable's piece on the 'news':
Most homeowners and renters insurance policies cover cable and satellite TV equipment. Look for cable MSOs to file claims with insurance companies used by subscribers to recover some of its costs from damaged equipment.

»www.fiercecable.com/story/cablev ··· BFYABKj0

So far, the best thing that has come out of Cablevision in regards to Sandy has been the transmission of News 12 (Cablevision's own local news production) audio over radio stations to provide customers with storm related info. Once power goes out, many people's only link to the outside world is a battery powered AM/FM radio. The New York stations will provide general coverage info but News 12 does a much better job for local Long Island info. Kudos to Cablevision for that decision, it was proactive and helpful.