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Century, FL

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[DSL] Rural FL customer needs advice smith?

Hi guys, I currently live in rural NW Florida where frontier has a very small market, and just so happens a monopoly. First let me give you some of my 7550 modem specs.
down/2700 up/ 448
ds atten/64.9
ds snr/6.0
ADSL_G.dmt FAST path
As you can see things are looking increasingly borderline for stable service. About 2 months ago I had a talk with a tech who informed me a loop extender aka repeater would be placed midway between me and exchange, but as it so happens it has of yet been done.
Could there be anything I could do on my end to at least make this connection stable? So far nid box replaced new cat 5 run from nid to modem. Might there be some kind of after market device that i could install to just at least improve quality of service because I know speed wise I am peaked out.
Kinda my fault in a way I did ask the tech when he was here to raise power capacity to 100% for my dsl (to many wifi devices leaching).
Any help would be very grateful, just looking to improve quality.
Forgot to mention, on netgear 7550 now but have 2 extra
siemens se567 laying around which do most members prefer for stable connection?


Century, FL

Re: [DSL] Rural FL customer needs advice

one more thing I was thinking of switching to naked dry dsl does frontier offer that and if so is there different plans because there website is no help at all, or maybe bonded dsl if its available to the consumer but still no info on website about that either.

North Tonawanda, NY
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Re: [DSL] Rural FL customer needs advice smith?

So to clarify, your line is currently dropping out correct? You might want to consider getting Interleaved mode placed on your line rther than FastPath. While it won't improve the SNR, it should help with any potential errors the line is taking on that result in the connection dropping. Otherwise, if you already have a Homerun with a filter installed at the NID there isn't much else you can do. I'd say with that attenuation your line is doing pretty good. From that point Frontier will have to install some equipment nearby you so that your statistics improve.

If there is nothing the tech can do, for stability you'll need to get the speed turned down a bit.