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reply to NY2012

Re: [Storm 2012] Outages NYC

i used to be a daytrader at home also but mostly cause i couldnt get along with people in an office lol. maybe your cuz can let u borrow his TW until rcn fix it
said by NY2012 :

Have you been to Florida or in china lately? Go try to live there and let me know since you telling me about that.NY got hit a bit and was unprepared, the lost of life is very sad the rest can be fixed,If anything what this is telling me about NY the infrastructure is very old and NY is unprepared got hit in past even worst but people have short memory. Now when you rely on internet to make a living being a day trader that is a also matter of survival. For a business of their magnitude and revenue they are taking way to slow that not a justification is actual fact. They are negligent due to the coverage and the type of areas.One more reason for me to switch if you cant rely.My cousin which is one floor down has TW had and the service stopped for a day which also tells a lot since we are talking about ISP.


I don't know how reliable is his computer, been there just to see if he is affected or not. I have custom build desktop only for trading, taking the whole thing apart than remounting it needs time plus some software services wont work with other IP and MAC. I'll rather switch to TWC and save the headache, good luck to the rest of people here.