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C'mon the U
Wilmington, DE
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[HD] Chat w/ Corporate (Philly Region)

So had a call with some of my contacts in the corporate office regarding what's going on in the DE/Philly area. (And this only applies to here....)

1) As was posted (and we pretty much knew), Premium HD channels are done. They won't be coming back. On Demand is the new home for Premium channel HD programming (HBO, etc.)

2) New "features" and "programming" is coming. Couldn't get crystal info - said some would in fact, be new HD programming - but again couldn't get dates on anything or any info

3) Agreed there's a ton of bandwidth available right now -

4) No comment on why they are only adding beIN USA in SD (don't see why this has to be such a mystery - but it's not due to bandwidth)

5) X1 rollout - still in progress - Sandy did impact overall plans (naturally) - did still hint to Philly area getting it in 2012 yet.

6) Wouldn't comment on why Center City Philly has Cooking HD, DIY HD - but the burbs don't.

Noticed there was now Cooking Channel HD in the On Demand folders. It was almost surreal watching the shows that I've been watching for over a year in SD, in hi-def. (Yes, we're foodies in this house) So, at least that's a start.

That's about it for now - really wouldn't call it a victory, but at least confirmed some things.
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Weirton, WV
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I love how they are vague. They told me NEW HD is planned but no timetable. Something about they have to review each area's contractual obligations first then go from there.
No news on new features or the x1.

This was september that I talked to them. But they said they would call me and let me know when more information is available.

I take it ONLY the actual marketing/regional presidents know what is going on and that is limited to certain people and not people that talk to the public.

Probably because of the outcry when they plan stuff in advance and don't meet their deadlines. They would rather tell us after the fact so they are accurate.