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reply to rapamatic

Re: Powering ONT without BBU?

I'm in North Jersey, not Manhattan. Good luck!


Glencoe, IL
reply to jmr50
They came back today, and this time replaced the ONT, and all is well. I wasn't home, but it doesn't look like they replaced the BBU...

Anyway, I'm satisfied since all is working now!
The more corrupt the State the more numerous the laws.


Morris Plains, NJ
reply to Carnivore
Exact same problem here. I got my power back today, and had TV and internet for about 3 hours before the battery ran dry. The BBU is just not powering the ONT.

Even though I explained that the ONT was OFF, tech support ran a "line check" and they said that there was a "fiber break" and they would send a tech on Monday (sigh).

I took out the battery, found a spare 12V 2A PSU, jury-rigged it to the terminals where the battery plugs in, and hit the battery backup button. Everything's back up and running - I assume the ONT will just see a magical "backup battery" with infinite juice...