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Glencoe, IL
reply to jmr50

Re: Powering ONT without BBU?

I'm in the same boat. Poking around inside the BBU, I see the 12V coming in from the power supply, but the plug going down to the ont is more complex - it has 6 or 8 connections (most likely to relay BBU status to the ONT). Perhaps it's possible to trace which wires carry 12V down to the ONT by opening up the Verizon side of the ONT and tracing the wires back up to the harness in in the BBU...
The more corrupt the State the more numerous the laws.

Warwick, RI

Your photo shows one of the tamper-proof systems for BBU/ONT interconnection. You'll have a much harder time of modding for non-standard operation.

Does that cable simply unplug?

In my BBU, I found that disconnecting a signal line is not the same as it holding low. Disconnect is considered the same as alarm condition.

Signals are TTL signals. Low is like .5VDC, high is like 12VDC. Low is not the same as zero (disconnect).

I don't know how to bypass BBU entirely. I don't think it's as simple as providing 12VDC to the ONT.


Glencoe, IL

The wide cable going down to the ONT does unplug, but it sounds like just dumping 12V down those two leads won't be enough... Hopefully on Monday I'll be able to request a tech come out to fix the BBU (because there was an outage in my area, phone tech support couldn't schedule a tech visit until the outage was fixed, and we were able to "confirm" the problem is with my ONT/BBU)... If it will be another week until a tech can come out, then I might be motivated to try to work around this!
The more corrupt the State the more numerous the laws.