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reply to RickNY

Re: [OOL] Home network DHCP routers not working since storm

Thanks for the replys, but i have done all of that already, 20 times.
not to mention, nothing had power for nearly 48 hours.

When power was restored, none of the routers worked. Trying some other routers (older ones without wireless) i had, as i mentioned, also did not work.

I do this all the time and this is something i haven't seen before. The ONLY thing that works is a direct connection to the modem.

I'll keep working on it, if anyone has any more "technical" suggestions, would appreciate it.


Dog And Butterfly
East Stroudsburg, PA
Well on the off chance that some setting is messed up at the headend, or your modem is simply stuck and not releasing the MAC address, simply clone the laptop MAC address to the WAN interface of a router you want to use.
Warning, If you post nonsense and use misinformation and are here to argue based on those methods, you will be put on ignore.


Good idea, i'll try the mac address ( of the computer that is working) on the router. And i'll try one more lonnnng power off cycle...then i think it's the dreaded support call. (Although as soon as i mention "router" they will more than likely say..."we don't offer support for router issues" lol ) But maybe they can reset the cable modem at least.

But thanks for the suggestions.

Millwood, NY
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Nothing works is a pretty broad symptom. What actually doesn't work?


My computer can't get an IP address. (Windows calls that no internet access).
My computer can't ping the router.
My computer can't open the router web page.
My computer can't talk to other computers on my network.
My computer can't talk to the internet.


Nothing in so far as the routers that worked prior to the storm no longer connect to the internet. And computers cant connect via the router. I can login to the router via a computer and it says it is connected to the cable modem and obviously it handed out a address to the computer, but..no access to the internet from any computer plugged into the router (or wireless either) but..if a computer is plugged directly to the modem it connects perfectly. Strange indeed.
I have to work, but as soon as i can do a few more tests i will.



Ronkonkoma, NY
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Does your router have an IP address? What is it? Is it assigned by DHCP?
Does your PC have an IP address? What is it? Is it assigned by DHCP?

If your router has a valid public IP, and your PC has a valid private IP (since it can hit the router, that should be fine), try to ping a website. Can you ping a website by it's domain name? Can you ping an IP address?


Just a follow up, as i didn't have connection for a few days. Tonite it returned. But routers still wouldn't work. I tried Googles DNS servers in the routers manual DNS and it worked! (wireless also working) SO...hopefully it keeps working.

PS: Googles DNS servers are
if someone else needs 'em!

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.