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Sterling Heights, MI

[HD] Interactive Features Not Working On New STB

So I just received my Comcast Self-Install Kit in the mail. I order (1) One HD DVR and (1) HD Box. Both STB's are Motorola, the DVR is a RNG200N I believe. I was able to activate the boxes successfully, I can get picture and sound just fine. The problem is that the Guide button, OnDemand, MyDVR, Info, Play, Pause, Stop, etc. buttons don't work at all. At first I thought it was the remote control, but if I hit the Guide button on the STB itself it still doesn't come up..same for the menu button. Spoke with Comcast Tech Support. They sent a reset signal to the box, had me re-program the remote, and a bunch of other troubleshooting steps. We decided to send a tech out. After disconnecting the call, I decided to try my other box to see if that one works. That one has the EXACT same issue. Not sure what is going on with these boxes. Does anyone have any ideas? Tech can't come out until Wed, don't want to be without a fully functional box until then.

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Wilmington, DE
How long have you waited?


Sterling Heights, MI
The box was running for about 30 minutes max at one time due to all the resets from the signal being sent. It's been off for the night.


Des Plaines, IL
reply to HonestEnd
have any old splitters on the line??

Seems like the box is not getting data.


Sterling Heights, MI
reply to HonestEnd
No splitters from the wall jack to the outside of the apartment complex. Not sure beyond that point. I did have the -3db splitter on there to connect the modem to...that came with the kit. The net works just fine though no issues at all. Signal lvl at the modem was around 3-4 db. What is the chances of both boxes being messed up?

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Slim, usually a sound or activation issue. Sounds like they are not fully activated. Post in the comcast direct forum and have them hit the boxes again.
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