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Waterdown, ON
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Re: [Internet] Help setting up Sagemcom + DDWRT 2nd router

said by Bplayer:

It should. Are there lights on your DDWRT modem that indicate the WAN is getting a signal?

Also try plugging your PC into the end of the powerline adapter that you connected to the DDWRT (instead of plugging it into the DDWRT). If the PC indicates connectivity then something is wrong with your DDWRT settings.

Yes, WAN light was on. The only other thing maybe i can think of just now is that it needs to be on the same ip range as the Bell router? When i reset the ddwrt ti gets the default but the bell router is on and gives out ip's from to

Not sure if that matters

EDIT: other than what i mentionned above, do i need to change anything in the sagemcom side of things? I notice that under network option int he sagemcom it's under VLAN, should that be changed to PPPOE or does not matter for what i am trying to accomplish?

I really hope to get this to work today and be done with! lol


Thornhill, ON

My sagemcom ip address is and my Tomato router is just like your.

No idea where you are seeing VLAN or PPPoE.


Waterdown, ON
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here is where i see it, i though i saw VLAN somewhere but i might be confused with another post somewhere, ive been browsing so much trying to figure it out! lol