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I run Linux am I still a PC?
united state
reply to KoRnGtL15

Re: Windows 8 anti virus Norton 2013 or something else?

To be honest, im not saying Norton is bad, but its way over-priced.

I have a better alternative....Software Restriction policies....

Follow this guide:

That will make your system where you have to "right click" a file and run it as administrator before it will even install....Drive-by malware is dead in its tracks.....You would purposely have to right click and file and run it as admin to get infected in 99% of circumstances.

Next change your User Account Control settings to the highest level (always prompt)

Then you can run the built in Defender, or another free/or cheaper AV since your not relying on it to protect to.

I got a 3 year license to GFI Vipre Internet Security cheaper then a 1 year sub to Norton or McAfee....I like Vipre because it is light, I don't know its there and it seems to work if needed. However I rely more on SRP then AV to protect me.

you can save some money by using SRP....or you can buy the Standard version of Faronics anti-executable....both offer more protection then AV software....using either SRP or Faronics Anti-Executable means AV is just a secondary help...its not your primary protection thus you don't have to invest as many funds in I, yet you will get 200% more protection from SRP

again you would have to manually run an executable as an admin to get infected, and I doubt your going to do that...and you can run downloaded files though virus total to check them before install if need be...

im a big fan of SRP and they are not hard to set up and they work famously..

Smokey Bear
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said by Woody79_00:
To be honest, im not saying Norton is bad, but its way over-priced

Even Google can be your friend...