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Tannersville, PA
reply to diablo1892

Re: Day 5, no power

said by diablo1892:

said by jazzlady:

Day 5 of no power here.

The power was restored briefly yesterday, and didn't even last an hour before it went out again. PPL estimates it will be Sunday at 11pm at the earliest for most customers- some could be out until next week.

Samething happened here before (this past summer time) it was aweful.. It was 100 degrees F and sometimes even higher and it really came down to death for some people. Cold is worse than burning up though, thats the bad thing for you at this time.
Our local coverage news channel was unavailable for a long time as well and as far as i know its still nonoperational due to equipment failure i believe. It was really bad at the time, but for me it was just wait and see (while in the proccess of staying calm for an entire day and night without no generator and no power)

TBH- I think heat is worse than cold.

At least with cold, you can put on more clothes, and bundle up. You can get into bed with extra blankets and warm up to a certain extent.

With heat- and no power- there is absolutely nothing a person can do to cool themselves off.

If you check the statistics there are more heat related than cold related deaths.

Back in 2003 there was a massive heat wave in Europe, where the use of air conditioning (at least back then) was not widespread. There were 35,000 deaths from that heat wave alone.

Our cable went out, but came back on- so I can relate to being without information of any kind.

The one local radio station we have, even if they do have power- is more interested in playing "the hits" for endless stretches of time rather than providing useful information to the public. Someone ought to remind them that the airwaves they use belong to the public.

We have a local college with huge backup generators and a functioning radio station- and during this emergency- or any emergency- they broadcast useless programming from the BBC instead of useful info.

I intend to make a huge stink over this fact after everything gets back to normal.

Why this station can't be pressed into service as a command center of information and manned by some of the hundreds of students that live there on campus is beyond me.

In an emergency, nothing sucks worse than not only being in the dark, but being without ANY information whatsoever about the situation one is in.
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said by jazzlady:

TBH- I think heat is worse than cold.

At least with cold, you can put on more clothes, and bundle up. You can get into bed with extra blankets and warm up to a certain extent.

Atleast with cold, you can actually get hyperthermia.. Why? At night it gets colder than at daytime. Some people do not have gas heated water tanks instead they use electrical heated. The less people there are under the same sheet of blanket or whatever you are using to keep warm the more colder it will be, or the less warmth everyone has, it don't help much.. But you should now get my point.

Not everyone has generator's, not everyone has an old fashioned generator that still "works" I tried fixing one this past summer for our big power outtage, the only thing that generator could do is make a 80mm chassis fan run run at slow speed.. Did not work!!
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