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Cabrio whirlpool washer

My washer runs through it's cycles normal, then I will hear it go off balance. I usually can open the lid, move stuff around, then close the lid, and hit start..it continues. It hardly ever happened. However, lately I will hear it go off balance every single time, but not enough to stop it. even if it is NOT off balance. Then, it will start filling with water (rinse cycle) and not stop filling. I have to stop it, cancel load, switch it to drain and rinse. It also makes a huge clunk noise when it spins.

Fairfield, CA

The washer programming is designed to refill, re-rinse and then try spinning again to re-balance the load.

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What have you changed in the way you load your clothes?


Nothing. That is why it is strange. Everything as usual. Except now, when it gets to the rinse cycle, just before it starts adding water, it goes 'off balance', even tho it is NOT off balance, and I open the lid, I will move stuff around, close it, hit start, and it starts to fill with water ( it is in the rinse cycle) and the water will not stop filling. I have to hit the cancel button, then move it to the drain & spin cycle. Only then will it drain out all the water, and spin.


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I understand that, but if it does not STOP filling itself with water. I have to stop it, or it will overflow.. I'm not sure why it will not stop on its own, and continue on.

Fairfield, CA
You could have a bad control board, I hope you have coverage for service on the washer...

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reply to Bobbie
Seems to be a common complaint for "washer going off balance repeatedly".

»www.viewpoints.com/Whirlpool-Cab ··· -reviews


1 review
27,440 reads
Updated: 12/16/2011

I purchased this washer September of 2006, I purchased the extended warranty, and even renewed it again October of 2009. During that time I called for repairs 4 times, for the same issue, washer going off balance repeatedly, and stopping mid cycle.

1 review
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Updated: 01/24/2012

Had same problem a lot of you had!!! I found a solution!

I loved my washing machine when I first got it, THEN like a lot of you it started getting off balance everytime we tried to wash a load no matter what kind of load it was. I started doing research and found that people were paying a lot of money to NOT fix the problem and I kept looking for a solution and what I found was »www.appliancepartspros.com/ after I read the comments on that site I was hompeful that changing the suspension ($66.00+/-) would help with the problem, from what people were writing on that site it actually sounded like the right parts for our problem.

1 review
22,744 reads
Updated: 11/14/2011

Whirlpool Cabrio is nothing but expensive junk!!

takes 86 minutes to do 1 load and clothes still aren't clean!

I'm thinking my clothes might get cleaner if I'd wash them in the the Missouri River.

Maybe they should bring back the agitator, because the new style they came up with simply doesn't clean the clothes.

Rated 1 out of 5

We paid well over 1,000 for this set less than a year ago and have had nothing but problems! My clothes don't come out clean, and that's after an 86 minute wash cycle! It usually comes up UL (unbalanced load), so I need to open it, redistribute clothes and start it again. The hinge on the lid broke last week. I called Whirlpool today and was put on hold a LONG time, only to have them say "sorry". I'm sorry too!!! Sorry I bought a Whirlpool Craprio washer and dryer!!

And a discussion of the overfill issue is here with diagnostic help:

Thread: Whirlpool Washer overfill problem
»www.applianceblog.com/mainforums ··· lem.html
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