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Farmingville, NY
·Optimum Online

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Re: [help] Is my landlord is ripping me off? wont let me see cab

said by laura h :

He is charging me 60.00. At first, he tried charging me 80.00 and I told him I wasn't doing that.

Thank you in advance for your responses!!

What your landlord is doing is illegal. Even if he was giving it to you for free, it would be illegal - its cable theft.

If you are in a separate apartment, with your own cooking facilities, you are in a separate residence and you are supposed to get your own cable service -- he is not allowed to share his service with you -- let alone charge you for it. It is no different than him running a line to his next door neighbor's house and them splitting the bill.

The fact that he is charging you for it makes it even more of an issue, and classifies it as commercial cable theft.

The only time it is legal for a landlord to charge you for cable service is if you are in a complex where Cablevision supplies bulk service to the complex - and you would pay the landlord a reduced rate for usually Family Cable, and then you would receive a separate bill from Cablevision for any additional services you wanted beyond what the complex provided.

If it is an accessory apartment, the only legal way for you to get cable service, is to get your own account (despite the fact that accessory apartment landlords frequently include cable service, albeit illegally)

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Onion, NJ
I've been i a buk service complex. The cable company always sent a bill, it was not included.
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Farmingville, NY
·Optimum Online
said by AVD:

I've been i a buk service complex. The cable company always sent a bill, it was not included.

I've had bulk service as well. My complex charged me $12/month for Family Cable. Anything else extra I wanted came on a CV bill. The CV bill noted "Bulk Cable $0.00" as well as whatever else I subscribed to.

It also depends on the level of bulk service your complex has negotiated with CV. If they are paying half and you are paying half - then yes, you'll get a bill from CV as well.


reply to RickNY
Rick thanks for those details. I was not aware of the laws regulating apartments. Sorry I mispoke to the OP regarding a great deal ! What RickNY said makes sense: How is this different than me running a splitter to my neighbor !?!?! I'd contact your landlord or your co-op board.