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Caveat Emptor
Earth Orbit

[hard drive] New HDD, problems?

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Paging koitsu See Profile...

I would say probably not. As has been mentioned many, many times each drive has different thresholds and the applications that read them often make some assumptions which may not hold any water. Those assumptions with the raw data lead to the output.

Could be a case of GIGO (garbage in garbage out).

Will look forward to seeing a response from Koitsu as always. My understanding of this pales in comparison.

Mountain View, CA

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reply to Krisnatharok
Drive is in perfect condition; nothing anomalous whatsoever.

I can expand/explain a few of the attributes which may be causing causing concern (specifically 0x01, 0x07, 0xBE, 0xC1, 0xF1, and 0xF2), but I can assure you they're not of concern. For now keeping it simple: drive is in great condition.

Time for bed...

Comment in passing: be aware that this is one of the Seagate models which excessively parks its heads (yes, the same thing as some Western Digital drives), so you will see the RAW_VALUE ("Data") number for attribute 0xC1 increase during normal use. You might also be able to hear the drive doing this -- it sounds like a "screeching" noise, akin to that of a stuck head, but it isn't a stuck head. The ST2000DM001 (2TB) I tried many months ago did this and I could hear it from across the room (but then again I have very sensitive hearing and I try to keep my PCs as quiet as possible). Worse, that drive DID NOT adjust attribute 0xC1 when it parked its heads, which was a fantastic firmware bug/design flaw. With the -DM003 (or possibly a newer firmware on the -DM003) it looks like they addressed the lack-of SMART attribute update when this behaviour happens, which is good, but I wish these vendors would stop with this behaviour altogether as it provides zero gain in a desktop drive. For example, with your drive, in just 10 hours the drive has parked/unparked its heads 522 times, which to me is beyond excessive. Laptop drives? Totally different story...
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Caveat Emptor
Earth Orbit

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Wow, well, OK. We'll see how long it lasts then.

Thanks, as always, for the informative reply!