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[SK] Router Problems

Last week my router dlink dir-615 starting outputting wired dial up speeds, trouble loading web pages mostly so i trouble shot it and nothing. Bought a new netgear w300 router same problem. At this time i learned that my isp shaw was and is having problems in our area.

I tried hooking up the modem to the computer and it was ok some drop outs, but when i use any of the two routers the same problem dial up speeds. I have 10 meg connection

Ive tried 2 computer, 3 operating systems, 5 different cables. ping my network card and nothing!

so i switched modems with some on in my apartment. they have the same isp and its the isp's modem/router combo. worked fine wired and wireless at my place. i hooked up my modem (no router) directly to there computer. They were getting dial up speeds with just the modem. yet the modem by itself does not create a big problem here.

Is it possible that the modem is a bit wacky and that's why the slow dial up wired?

Is it possible the ongoing problems in my area by my isp are affecting the handshake from the modem to the router?

most people think it just the router, but the why would a new router and update to the newest firmware still act the same way as the older one.

what say you ?

Calgary, AB

I would get the signal on your modem (at your place) checked, drop-outs shouldn't happen... When it drops out, do the lights on the modem change at all?

Might try a different modem, but if you are on 10 internet, you will not be able to have your modem bridged, so if you want to use your own router, make sure it gets swapped for another Motorola, if it gets swapped..

When using the router, your speeds are poor, when you connect directly to the modem, speeds are good, that usually indicates the router is bad - the change one thing at a time to find when it breaks troubleshooting method...

Are you using wireless to your routers? Or wired connection? It could be a wireless interference issue as well.

I would suspect failing modem though. Everything else can be tested while waiting for a service call
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