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Lanett, AL
reply to Juggernaut

Re: Texting and calling issue

LTE OnOff app installed so let's see what we get.

Upstairs in the foyer:
1x = -85 3-4 bars
3G = -88 2-3 bars

Downstairs at my desk:
1x = -88 3 bars
3G = -100 2 bars

This was with it held in my hand, sitting on the desk is about the same sometimes worse. I noticed it fluctuates wildly though with 1x going up to -120 and 3G dropping offline completely sometimes. I'm going to run with this and see if it solves the texting/calling issue. Ultimately it looks like a femtocell or amp is the solution though.

I figured the Ally being older and probably different chips/radios might not be an apple to apple test comparing signal strength but it's still a useful number to know. It may not be scientific or anything like that but hey it helped narrow things down. You're also probably right about the thickness (or lack thereof) hindering antenna size and all. If nothing else, LTE supposedly drains the battery quicker so this should help with that. I'm on wifi at home anyway so speed isn't an issue at all.

Irreverent or irrelevant?
Kelowna, BC
Yes, go with it and do some testing. I'll lay bet that it will solve some of it, and of course, in those 'good' areas you should see improvement as well by the same measure.

Good luck.
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