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Sudbury, ON
reply to peterboro

Re: where do I get my winter tired put on?

said by peterboro:

said by Mike2009:

Why bother when many tire places do them free?

So they can convince him to buy a new set as the ones he wanted to put on are no good according to them.

You know...the crazy man who lives in the woods is right....although it depends on where you take it.

Auto Shop A says to me: Those tires are bad, you might get the rest of the summer out of them....I says "Thanks Auto Shop A, you're mentally retarded"...

Tire Place B (Royal Tire): Well, lets see here, I'll take my little tread marker here because the tires themselves look good, nothing wrong from what they can see...you've got about 55-60% tread (it was in the green according to their little tester thing) so you're good...

And this was a tire speciality place....but they have an amazing reputation in town and aren't shady and want to keep that good rep....

Although they didn't put on my all seasons for free...they charged me I think $10/tire....meh...they did it in about 30 minutes....not Nascar speed, but for $40 I'll take it.