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Who Hit The Power Button
Jasper, IN
·Insight Communic..

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reply to OSUGoose

Re: [CATV] DVR resets

I know you can change boxes in the Evansville/Lousiville surrounding area. Im in Jasper and we can get new boxes. We still use the Motorola 6414 III ... The new Pace boxes are multiroom BUT at the last seeing of them they were buggy as the motorola boxes and while im having issues myself (Box freezing, it failing to record and esp pixelation). Im worried im going from one problem to the next. They have been here and tried to move us to the Pace boxes when they did the line tests, it was a good sell but when I asked easy specific questions I heard too many "im not sure.. or I dont know" which then left me to believe for someone doing line tests and selling something he certaining didnt know much (btw yes I did check he was a real insight worker). At this point while the Pace boxes seem like the answer .. I need more then just a sell.