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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to neonhomer

Re: Direct Forums... What the?

said by neonhomer:

Uhhh, perhaps you might want to re-read my post. I didn't say anything about you forgetting me, or the like. On that subject, I figured you were busy, since you do cover this entire board, and that you would get to me when you got to me. Wasn't bitching there.

If you are referring to the line "Then it transits to direct forums, and never heard from again." - I was referring to the individual topic. For example, the xbox live and ubee wireless modem. The OP says he has a problem, and it is quickly shuffled away to the direct forums.

It would be helpful if people posted back to their original thread, saying "Problem solved, and this is what had to be done."

Neon this has been discussed before. Direct forums are private between the customer and the company. Upon completion IF the customer wants to share the outcome or experence they may do so hopwever we will not initiate this. It's purely at the discretion of the customer. Honestly doing so is not advised because what works for you in most cases will not work for others...like problems almost never have the same cause and all you do by posting said resolution is muddy the waters for the next customer.
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