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Re: Constant Ottawa Disconnects, DHCP Issues Not Resolved.

I reside in Gloucester on the St. Laurent2 POI and haven't had any issues here in weeks, myself.

Funny enough, though... On a hunch I checked the Event Log in my firewall and found numerous DHCP renewals on its WAN interface on November 2nd. 31 of them, to be exact. Bunch more on November 1st, too.

My partner and I never noticed any problems, though, and the same IP kept getting re-assigned for each renewal, strangely enough.



I'm on the Richmond Road POI. So there is a pattern developing. What good would taking this to the direct forums do other than letting Teksavvy hide the problem? We have been putting up with this crap for a long time. In August the internet was unusable. Not only was it annoying the outages would often crash my old router so I had to upgrade.

Here would be a great place to explain what is wrong with the DHCP server. The problem has been hidden away for months. Time for a little more openness.