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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to FTBoomer

Re: [Internet] Best Routers for Bridged Networks

Strike that....this release was for the RTN65U...different unit.


Clermont, FL
Confused by your reply Gary?

First the link I posted was for the N56U, "ASUS RT-N56U Firmware version"? Secondly you said you weren't going to look at it anyway or was it because of the new Padavan release yesterday "RT-N65U_3.0.3.0-023 (en-ru). IPv6+IPv4. Linux kernel 3.0.50" that caused the comment you made?

I hit a 'semi-serious' problem with the N56U Padavan .018 code 2 days ago. I wanted to delete some files on the router that was being shared by the Media Server. I opened up Explorer (actually Explorer++) and then the Network, router, USB disk, and drilled down to the SHARE folder. I next wanted to open the VIDEO folder, but somehow it didn't open but the filename (video) went into the RENAME mode as if F2 was pressed. I hit ESC and then clicked again to open the folder. CONTENTS gone? No problem, Windows had a system file for the Recycle bin on that drive, I'll just restore the folder as it appears to be deleted... nothing there? OK, I'll move the drive to a PC and see what it looks like. Attached the drive, assigned the drive letter, and the folder really is gone. OK, I'll run CHKDSK anyway. Reported 'fixed uppercase names' whatever that meant? Made a new Video folder and put files there and then back to the USB port on the router. I have no clue what has happened? I have seen this happen, going into rename mode, before depending where I click on the filename, which is probably an Explorer++ bug, but ESC had always before put me back in 'normal' mode without problems? Just a data point for you.
Irv Spalten