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This is a sub-selection from Good idea...

Get A Mac
Phoenix, AZ
reply to bobjohnson

Re: Good idea...

said by bobjohnson:

said by PhoenixAZ:

said by thender:

Talented people when it comes to phone stuff make apps for six figures.

Talented lazy people when it comes to phone stuff run unlocking/repair businesses out of their apartments.

Idiots when it comes to phone stuff stand on street corners, wait for people who are not paying attention, and strike.

Not precise, but you get my point. There may be one tiny group of talented people who get on the news because they created a business based on helping criminals turn over stolen phones. For the most part, REAL phone thefts(not false claims for insurance/replacement purposes) are degenerate white trash & hoodrats who have no idea how to do that shit.

Let's say you're smart enough to figure out how to change/get around the IMEI number. You are probably smart enough to do something else with your life that pays 5x as much, with the same amount of effort applied.

No, but these are the people who scour craigslist for "Mr. $10 IMEI changer"

Or sell it on Craigslist with bad imei instead of bad esn lol. There really is no way to stop dummies from stealing things.

Cue the "You can still use it as an iPod touch!!" ads

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT
said by PhoenixAZ:

Cue the "You can still use it as an iPod touch!!" ads

..or a VoIP phone.

Screen tycoon
Brooklyn, NY
VoIP is for

a) offices
b) nerds that read DSLR;

NOT for people who steal iPhones.