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Re: Official 2012 CFL Thread

Finally watched both games from yesterday.

Game one was expected in that there was almost no offense by both sides. In my opinion, McPherson is just not a starting CFL quarterback. Guy is supposed to be a good runner, but he gets sacked easily. He also thinks that he is Calvillo in that he has to get out of the pocket in 3 seconds. Thus, he is not even a threat to throw the ball down field because he will not wait for the receiver to get open. So when you have happy-feet and teams do not respect you as a passer, your ability to run diminishes. Even if the above issues were resolved, I don't like the trajectory of his passes. Yeah, he can drill one into traffic. But you cannot throw frozen ropes on every attempt.

In game two, there was not much scoring there either as you would expect for the last game of the year. About the only thing interesting was that the Riders had almost zero offensive net yards in the 1st quarter.

I see Tillman was fired from Edmonton. I realize people are still angry over the Ray trade, but who knows? Nichols might put up some numbers in the playoffs and be the future. Even if he is not the future, it is not that much of a stretch if Edmonton were to somehow come out of the East.


Edmonton, Ab
Welp, Nichols is out. Glad Tillman is gone.