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reply to Ken1943

Re: New AV Program - Opinion on Options

said by Ken1943:

Happy with Agnitum Outpost Security Suite for at least 5 years.

Another happy Outpost Security Suite user here.
Living in Paradise!!



I recommend Webroot SecureAnywhere. However, I do not 'fully' trust that program yet, but really love the systems behind it. In another year or two WR should be quite a bit better - it needs a few improvements. In my view the BEST method is to stack 2 extremely light yet full compatible cloud products.

PandaCloudFree+Webroot - Panda has a robust inbound firewall, Webroot does not but WR has a robust outbound one. They compliment each other perfectly. Webroot has poor sigs, and is heuristics/sandbox/cloud based. Panda has robust sigs, and a good HIPS while WR has mediocre HIPS.

Alternatively, a lot of people are using KingSoftCloudFree+Panda or KingSoftCloudFree+Webroot. Those options are fine as well.

I don't feel any single product is a wise decision because redundancy and layers are much more protective. I have run WR+PandaCloudFree for quite some time without any issues at all, and it is very very speedy.



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If your really paranoid about security (and u should be), then I would spend on an AV program. This is just me....That I DO NOT trust these FREE AV programs or any FREE security software for that matter. To protect your data, then I would purchase a license for one.

I just DO NOT TRUST the FREE versions of ANY AV out there.

Like Mele20 has stated, go for F-Secure.

But for one thing, that its you (the user) is the first line of defense and always PATCH PATCH PATCH and PATCH the OS and software too. Patching is much more important than running an AV program.



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Actually you can buy licenses to PandaCloud to activate the HIPS and Firewall on Ebay for $3.00 all day long.

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