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Norwalk, CT

Barnes & Noble punts, then wants a re-do

On Fri Nov 2 B&N notified me in a cheery sounding email that "America is in love with the NOOK HD" the ship date for pre-ordered NHD was moved from 11/1 to 12/1. My opinion is that a slip of 30 days within 2 days of the promised date means they never expected to honor their commitment in the first place. I actually have come to expect this from B & N, and even though i am a repeat customer, i now hold my nose anytime i have to deal with them.

But a followup email in a more apologetic tone promised that they are working hard filling orders as quickly as possible. I guess someone with some clout up the chain realized what a pissy opinion lower management has of it's customers and did some damage control.

That moment of hope when Microsoft was announced ( as partner ? ) to help B&N last summer has passed without a trace but we do see sign of a weak brainwave here.

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Mentor, OH
I was at my local B&N and saw the Nook HD.
Wow, that thing is massive for an e-reader

I dunno why B&N is trying to compete in the tablet world. They should just focus on e-readers, and trying to get more authors to agree to have their books published as an e-book.

Unless they have a really sweet deal with the manufacturer of the Nook, I can't see how they manage it.
But then again, I use the Nook app on my Nexus 7 to buy books.
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Norwalk, CT

Re: Barnes & Noble punts... WAIT, this just in.....

You must mean the HD+. That's ( i think ) a 9 inch version. The HD is still the same 7 inch size we have.

Why they're competing? Still a wide open market with lots of growth i guess. Means they could rake in couple mil here and there maybe

. WAIT, this just in...... My order has shipped and should be here in 2 bus. days. Hey I guess DSLR has lots of clout!