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[CallCentric] Devices will not register

we have CC lines that will not work,

ATAs not registering, different ATAs, different CC lines, different locations

on one CC line, forwarding working properly
on another CC line, forwarding is NOT working properly

What router are you using?

Re: [CallCentric] CC disaster for people in need only

With regards to your devices not registering, have you followed the directions as posted when you log in to Callcentric.com?

If not, try that and you should get registered. If yes, and if you want to troubleshoot further, let us know the make and model of your router, ATA, and how you've configured your ATA.

Dear Obihai, please fix the FXS to FXO Relay in the OBi110. Add this as your signature if you agree!


Sheffield Lake, OH
Please supply make/model of your ATA..... that will help with troubleshooting.


reply to Mango
yes of course

multiple ATAs

Grandstream HT701
Cisco Linksys SPA2102

No settings were changed.
The storm came.
Registration dropped of course.
It came back but unstable after a couple days (Thursday).
Then total non-registration since then. Total.

Multiple CC accounts, multiple devices.

Nobody else has this problem?

They gave us some different settings. Had no effect whatsoever.


reply to VexorgTR
and the inconsistent forwarding and error messages is definitely not related to any equipment we have - all CC issues and nothing resolved as yet.


Youngsville, NC

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Re: [CallCentric] Devices will not register

Well -
First off -
LOG INTO YOUR CALLCENTRIC ACCOUNT AND CONFIGURE EACH DEVICE AS SPECIFIED FOR ITS MODEL. It is most important to configure to use the SRV settings if your equipment supports it. I know the Cisco /Linksys devices do. (And I'm using a PAP2T). If you're not sure of what you're doing - get your local Voip guru to assist you.

2nd - You probably need to change your DNS Server settings for each device. In that blurb you will see, there are a couple of suggested DNS servers, but you can probably also use the ones provided by your ISP. Put these into EACH device (ATA or IP Phone). Using Google's DNS / Open DNS or maybe some other public DNS servers may not work to pass the entire list of servers CallCentric is currently using.

In case there is any doubt about that shouting - that was not a mistake. BYOD Voip is not always going to be a "set it and forget it" proposition, especially in times like this.