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Nepean, ON
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Re: Constant Ottawa Disconnects, DHCP Issues Not Resolved.

said by mlord:

There must be something more to it than just that last sentence -- I can take my TSI Modem to a different CMTS and it still works just fine, thanks. So it's not locked to the CMTS, but perhaps it is locked to the POI instead?

Actually, on reflection, I bet the answer is "both."
The modems probably are locked (or "local") to specific CMTSs, but not just a single CMTS -- the teksavvy modem database likely gets replicated in part/whole across many CMTSs in the region.

I say this because when I had an 11-day outage here this past summer, my modem did work on other CMTSs off the same POI, just not on my own local CMTS for some reason. So that does support the "local to a CMTS" theory, though likely several CMTSs, not just a single CMTS.


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So much depends on the specific implementations in the POIs. Wouldn't surprise me at all if each head end is configured differently as they learned, which is why some places don't seem to suffer and others do. In all the things going on, I've not had a single problem out where I am on Fallowfield related to these issues even though I'm now 4 streams up too. Although I know I'm on a comparatively low population node which could have a lot to do with it. They tried combining this area with another into a virtual node several years back and I had 2 weeks of performance hell. They split us back out and it was back to normal.

For a short while I was the only customer on this node and then one of 2 for several months! Back in the days of 1500 kbps down was express and I could only get 1200 flat out!