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Tempe, AZ

[AZ] Constant Modem Resets

I'm experiencing an issue with my high speed internet that doesn't seem to be able to be resolved. I've had multiple techs out here and they have looked at it and it only happens in my Scottsdale residence. I also have internet from cox at my Tempe residence and never have any issue.

Currently equipment wise I'm using a

Modem 1 DPQ3212
Modem 2 SB6180
Router 1 WRT54gV6
Router 2 DGL-4500

I have this setup with 2 PC's running windows 7 and 1 Mac running OSX 10.8.X

So I'll be doing some online gaming and I'll notice I' running in place and nothing is responding. This prompts me to look at the modem and see the link light has gone solid then turned off and come right back on.

This will continue to happen 8-10 times a day the modem resets or something it is a very short time frame I'm not offline more than 2 minutes but I also work from home so being down for 2 minutes 10+ times a day it very aggravating.

I've had multiple techs come out, I've had a new Aerial drop run that is dedicated for the internet only and this issue still persist.

At this point I almost feel like going to DSL would be a better option sure my speed would drop off but stability is more important at this point and I'm unsure what else can be done.

This new DPQ3212 doesn't have a log file I can look at so I can't see if there are stream drops or line errors like I could check in my SB6180. Any suggestions at this time would be great as I have to get this issue resolved I can't just live with it.

Atomic Dog

There are a couple of techs that have helped me and others with very similar issues. I am sure one of them will help you.

In my case it was getting rid of an old docsis 2 modem that apparently gave up the ghost. But it was maddening until I knew for sure. The techs here can check on things most home service techs can't.

Follow up when you have it resolved. Would be good to know what is causing it.


Phoenix, AZ
reply to js1974
This may not be your problem, and I don't want to say its not a cox problem or signal issue, but is your 54G on the one with the problems as the last couple of years I've seen many not play nice with the new modems as the wan uplink doesn't seem to support the high speeds consistently (or they are just showing their age).

I've also have seen a few faulty power supplies on either the modem or router.