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North, VA
reply to Gigabyte2004

Re: Cat5/Cat6...... Phone/DSL install

said by Gigabyte2004:

The reason for replacing the wire is that the phones do have a little static in them and the phone company says that there line tests are ok. They say its the inside wiring. This seems to cause the DSL to drop every now and then. After checking the stats on my modem,I am showing some noise in the lines for the DSL.
Since I have cat5/6 already from other projects,I figured I would just use it and replace all of it.

As for speeds I am supposed to get 3.0 down and 384 up. My speed tests vary from 2.2dn/.30 up to 2.6dn/.33 up. My speed seems to be where it should be.

Take you a plain old telephone and plug it into your NID. I bet you have static there also.

The Telco told me that too. Time and time again but it was always in their lines to the house. We had static, hum and distortion, Old underground system. I switched to Verizon Home Connect wireless and disconnected the hard wired system. Works very well.