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No internet connection, but have strong signal

I have a new laptop with Windows 7, and a Dlink 825-N router. I'm using Avast and MalwareBytes. My hardwired connections to the router from my desktops work just fine.

I can run a cable from my laptop to the router and that is also fine. However, trying the wireless connection does not work. The LAN connection (wireless) thing has all green for signal but a yellow circle with an exclamation point through it. The properties say "No Internet Connection".
I 've found a few things on Google that tells you to rebuild TCP/IP stack etc, which I have done, but it still does not help.

Oh, and I just have the default settings for the router config. I've been through them but didn't see anything I could change. I'm hoping maybe I missed something.

One more thing. I had my laptop powered up for a long time while I was going through the Router Config. After about 15 minutes, I had a pop up on the screen telling me that MalwareBytes was just updated to the latest version. Can't figure out how that happened. The icon in the system tray still had the exclamation point and same message.


Boise, ID
What wireless modes are you using? Try Single mode G or N or Mixed G and N on 2.4Ghz and Single mode N on 5Ghz?

What security modes? Try WPA2 and AES only at first, then switch to Auto or TPIK only?

What band are you using, Auto 20/40Mhz should work however try 20Mhz only to test.

Try setting a manual channel, Try 11, then 6, the 1. Also see if there is any near by routers near by using InSSIDer app. If there are many on 2.4Ghz, the router could be having problems contending with them in finding a clear and open channel.

Good info here:
D-Link Main Router and AP Infomration